Press Reviews

  • “His deep, dark voice was powerful”
    (L’arbore di Diana; Berkeley Daily Planet, 08/13/2017)
  • “warm bass-baritone and great charisma”
    (L’arbore di Diana;, 08/07/2017)
  • “with softly grounded bass-range and dignified baritone-lines”
    (Die Zauberflöte; Braunschweiger Zeitung, 01/25/2012)
  • “with melodiously beautiful baritone”
    (Die Zauberflöte; Braunschweiger Zeitung, 10/17/2011)
  • “strong voice and secure top”
    (Der Freischütz; orpheus, 11/12 2010)
  • “with warm, full sound”
    (Zaide; Braunschweiger Zeitung, 06/07/2010)
  • “with virile, darkly timbered baritone”
    (Salvator Rosa; opernwelt, 3/2010)
  • “cultivatedly powerful”
    (Lohengrin; online musik magazin, 2007)


“Roesner’s Doristo gives not only his splendid resonant voice to the plethora of female sound but its weight. And we welcome it. Round and luxuriant, from opening scene [...] to Finale,[...]. Not a drop of unnecessary chastity, even in idea, here”
(operawire, August 2017)

“I admired German bass-baritone Malte Roesner’s Doristo, which had tonal beauty and comic energy to spare.”
(San Francisco Classical Voice, August 2017)

“German bass-baritone Malte Roesner brought a combination of tonal heft and comic presence to his North American debut.”
(San Francisco Chronicle, August 2017)

“In his North American debut, German bass-baritone Malte Roesner exuded appeal as the woodsman Doristo.”
(Opera News, November 2017)


“With his dark-toned bass-baritone, Malte Roesner excelled in the Süssmayr songs. “
(Berkeley Daily Planet, 07/28/2017)


“In his role as Papageno, Malte Roesner was so absolutely convincing in his endearingly genuine manner of moving on stage and through his joy of acting and singing, that the spectator truly believed in him.”
(, October 2011)


“Malte Roesner shaped the character of Ethel [...] hot-bloodedly and with verve. His lyrically disposed baritone surged to great form on this evening.”
(Opernglas, May 2011)


“As Enrico, Malte Roesner was brilliant both vocally and on stage. The role was ideally cast with the baritone, seeing as he was able to present his large vocal range in desired appropriate color through out.”
(BS-live!, 04/17/2010)


“The baritone Malte Roesner, as Masaniello, gave a representationally and vocally paramount performance. He particularly impressively executed the scene, in which his madness breaks out.”
(Der Neue Merker, 02/06/2010)